Tissue-Tek® FormaGO® Formalin Absorption Wipes

The wipes are thicker, sturdier cloth-like wipes for better handling1. They are ideal for small formalin spills and protect laboratory personnel from exposure to dangerous vapors.

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The new Tissue-Tek® FormaGO® Formalin Safety System is a safe, convenient and cost effective replacement for our current Tissue-Tek® Neutra-Guard® product line. Please download the brochure that provides an overview of the products and product codes on the back page or click here for the replacement table

1Comparison of Tissue-Tek® FormaGO® Formalin Absorption Wipes with Tissue-Tek® Neutra-Wipes®. Neutra-Guard and Neutra-Wipes are trademarks of Scigen, Inc.; Sakura, Tissue-Tek and FormaGO are trademarks of Sakura Finetek U.S.A., Inc.


Product Codes: Product Name (contents)
#9154 Tissue-Tek® FormaGO® Formalin Absorption Wipes (4 packs of 25 wipes; dimensions of a wipe: 12 x 13 inches, 30.4 x 33 cm)
0007800-01 Rev. A
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