Tissue-Tek Xpress® x50

Standardized processing in record time

The Tissue-Tek Xpress® x50 delivers unprecedented productivity and maximizes staff efficiency. Ideal for your smaller or specialized workloads, the Tissue-Tek Xpress®x50 eliminates work bottlenecks, dramatically improving workflow.

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The Tissue-Tek Xpress® x50 processes up to 440 specimens in an 8-hour shift, with the ability to load up to 40 cassettes approximately every 45 minutes. It provides outstanding time and cost savings, as well as increased staff safety, while producing standardized, accurate results paralleling those from overnight processing, allowing same-day diagnosis and, ultimately, improved patient care.


Continuous loading of magazines every 20 minutes (x120) or 45 minutes (x50) Provides a steady flow of processed tissues for embedding
The x Series are pre-programmed with two rapid protocols: standard and extended Allows for biopsy and larger tissues to be processed simultaneously 
The x Series reagents are prepackaged in containers that are placed directly onto the instrument Makes exchanging of reagents quick, safe, and simple
Tissue-Tek Xpress proprietary reagents are formalin- and xylene-free Allows for a greener work environment by eliminating exposure to harsh chemicals and reduces waste


Product Code: #7750
Throughput: Up to 50 specimens per hour
Dimensions: Centimeters (W x D x H): 85 x 72 x 162
Inches (W x D x H): 34 x 28 x 64
Weight: 617 lb (280 kg)
Retorts: Load station - 1 station
Retorts stations - 2 retort
Power Requirements:

115 VAC
Single phase
Dedicated line required

Capacity: Up to 40 cassettes, every 45 minutes
Processing Programs: Standard up to 2mm; 90 minutes or 
Extended up to 3mm; 180 minutes
Temperature Ranges: Processing reagents - 51°C  ±  1°C
Paraffin - 65°C  ±  2°C
Display - Color touch screen LCD display
Software: Process Monitor Screen
Manual and Auto start
Reagent Management System with counter  for cassette or runs

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