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Sakura Finetek Launches the first and only Cryostat with Winged Chuck to retain XYZ angle positions optimized for Mohs Surgery Technique: Tissue-Tek® Cryo3® Flex Cryostat Mohs. - 03-31-2017

Sakura Finetek Launches the Tissue-Tek Genie® Advanced Staining System at the 41st Annual Review & Recent Practical Advances in Pathology Conference in Miami Beach, Florida - 02-16-2017

Sakura Finetek donates high capacity histology instruments to Butaro District Hospital, Rwanda - 11-23-2016

Sakura Finetek Introduces Tissue-Tek Genie®, the First and Only Advanced Staining System with Fully Automated, True Random Access. - 09-18-2016

Sakura Finetek USA Launches the First and Only Tissue Processor Offering Automatic, Onboard Preparation of Mixed Reagent Solutions for Advanced Infiltration of Fatty Tissues: Tissue-Tek VIP® 6 AI. - 08-11-2016

Sakura Finetek Launches the First and Only Cryostat with 3D Precision Chuck and Remote Diagnostics: Tissue-Tek® Cryo3® Flex Cryostat - 07-19-2016

Sakura Finetek Acquires Genemed Biotechnologies Inc. Tissue-Based Advanced Staining Business - 12-31-2015

ASCP Effort Recognized as a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action - 11-03-2015

White House Announces Global Initiative to Accelerate Fight Against Cancer in Africa - 10-28-2015

Cancer Diagnostics in the Developing World - 10-26-2015

Sakura Finetek Launches Second Generation Fully Automated Histology Tissue Embedding System at NSH 2015 - 08-30-2015

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