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Better Paraffin Sections with the Aid of Vacuum.

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Rapid Procedure for Rehydration of Desiccated Tissue.

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Identification of Vasectomies During Processing.

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Luna’s Method for Processing and Sectioning Eye Lenses.

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Luna-Parker Method for Rhabdomyoma and Nemaline Rods.

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Luna’s Method for Softening Keratin.

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Book Review: The Preparation of Decalcified Sections

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Automated Method for Deceration and Rehydration of Microscopic Slides.

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Four-Hour Processing Schedule for Mouse Tissue.

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Alarm System for Tissue Processors.

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Routine Tissue Processing Schedule.

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Technique for Processing Eye Specimens.

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Additional Information on Methods for Softening Keratin.

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Modified Enzyme Dry-bone Preparation of Skeletons.

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Vacuum Processing for Small Biopsies.

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Techniques for Studying Prenatal Ossification in Silver Nitrate Immersed Specimens.

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Method for Reprocessing Dried Tissue Specimens.

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Suggestions for Successful Processing of Brains.

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Prevention of Mold and Bacterial Growth in the Histology Laboratory.

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Technique to Prevent Collapse of Eye Globe and Detachment of the Retina During Processing.

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Processing Aqueous Taps and Vitrectomies.

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Preparation of Cell Blocks Containing No Visible Button.

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Floatation Receptacle for Collecting Histologic Material.

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Rapid Slide Drying With Microwave Heating.

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Preparation of Paraffin-Embedded Sections of the Eye.

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Rapid Microwave Modification of Mayer’s Mucicarmine and Bennhold’s Amyloid Methods.

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A Histological Procedure for Precise Determinates With Tuberculate Ureide and Enzyme Transformations

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Microwave Trouble Shooting.

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Trypsin Digestion of Retinas of Laboratory Rats.

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Alteration in Tissue Structure Due to Heat, Fixation and Processing.

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Demonstration of Spirochaetes.

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Helpful Hints for Microwave Oven Use: More Than Just Staining.

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A Helpful Hint — To Restore Basophilic Properties.

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Microwave Modification of Pascual’s Argyrophil Method.

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Questions in Search of an Answer.

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Cleaning Plasticware “Ruined” by Metallic Microwave Staining.

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A Rapid Method for Fungi and Pneumocystis carinii.

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Microwave Modification of Bielschowsky’s Method for Nerve Fibers.

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The Demonstration and Quantitation of Neuroendocrine Cells of the Rat Stomach.

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Immunoassays: Valuable Signals Lurk in the Background Noise.

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Tracking Malaria in Mosquitoes: A Direct Immunohistochemical Assay.

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Snap Freezing Tissue Using Dry Ice and Cryomolds.

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In Situ Hybridization Detection of Type I Collagen mRNA in Neonate Rat Bones: Effects of Decalcifica

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Tissue Artifacts: Identification, Cause, Solution, and/or Prevention.

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Immunohistochemistry — A Quick ABC Technique Using a Tissue Flotation Bath.

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Recovering Antigen-Antibody Reactions from Long-Term Stored Tissue Sections Mounted with a New Mount

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Procedures Old and New — What Goes Around Comes Around.

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A Fast Way to Prepare Paraffin Sections for H&E and Immunostains.

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An Overview of Helicobacter pylori Infection in Gastrointestinal Disease.

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A Modified Brain Processing Schedule.

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Paraffin Cleansing Demystified.

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Reprocessing of Tissue Blocks.

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Microwave Technology in the Histology Laboratory.

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A Revolution in the Making at the NSH Convention.

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Comparative Usefulness of Standard and Microwave-assisted Tissue Processing Methods.

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Double Embedding: Double the Trouble?

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Microwave Histoprocessing: One-step Dehydration and Clearing of Articular Cartilage and Synovial Tis

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Facts About Alcohol Dehydration of Tissue Samples.

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Is Rapid Tissue Processing the Right Choice for Your Lab?

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A Practical Roadmap for Adopting Rapid Tissue Processing (RTP) to Meet the Changing Needs of the Hea

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